Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Listen and Hear
I have been thinking abt this for quite some time and still haven't reached a conclusive stand on the issue. So I decided to put it up on the blog. The question in question being "Which is more important - the music or the lyrics in a song?" I was discussing this with a friend and my stance was that music is the principal ingredient of a song. Now I can put forward my arguments; but that will just push this post to the borders of boredom. Instead I shall give my take on this issue as a dialogue between me and this friend of mine. Let's call me A and my friend B for the sake of a literal argument:

A: I feel that music is the key ingredient coz had it been just the words, I would have settled for poetry and not a song.
B: But lyrics support the mood of a song. Bad lyrics can disrupt the mood of the song.
A: I agree. But that argument holds true for words as well - try injecting cacophony in poetry and you will rip the song into pieces. Ideally, both lyrics and music complement each other. All that I am saying is that if I had to choose a winner it would be the music.
B: And what makes you say that?
A: Well I have heard lots of songs where I had no idea abt the lyrics – it’s just that the music caught my attention. Haven't you done that?
B: Yes, I have.
A: Point proven.
B: Maybe if you knew the lyrics you would have enjoyed it even more.
A: Haven't you heard tunes being lifted? Have you ever heard the lyrics of a song getting lifted?
B: Actually yes. Remember Macarena.
A: Come on! They lifted the tune as well.
B: OK! I have another phone coming in, shall get back to you later.


Propaganda: My take on this http://cuppacapuccino.blogspot.com/2006/11/tribute-to-singers.html
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