Wednesday, September 29, 2004

No Modi No
I have a bad habit of strongly defending people I really like - even though often times they aren't aware of (a) the whole situation or (b) me itself (as in this entry's case). My good friend Avinash Modi has said some fairly harsh things about Conan O'Brien in his blog. However, for a person who watches a lot of Late Night television, I personally love Conan. I am aware that the opinion on Conan is highly polarized (people either love him or hate him) but what impresses me most about the guy is that he rises much above the material he works with. I like Leno too, but seldom do you see Leno generating laughs from a bad joke - that's where Conan scores - his highly self derogatory humor often makes jokes out of sheer nothings. Moreover, he has risen from the ranks of the underdog (the show was once given a week to week contract and even called off for a night) and that is truly commendable. I agree that Conan uses physical humor but that doesn't make things any less funny in his show. Slapstick and screwball comedy are perfectly fine genres of humor according to me - if done well - which is the reason I feel Dumb and Dumber is as much a comic classic as Tootsie. Finally, Conan's other credits include serving as writers of the Simpson's and SNL - I feel the guy is awesomely talented and the rightful heir (?) to Leno's slot.

P.S. Modi I feel that they will gives Conan's slot to Carson Daly but then the q will be who will take Carson's slot :))

Leno is too soft, bro: I watched the interview with Heather Graham and realized that his show is just a platform to allow has-been celebs to get a bit of attention. He never asks any difficult questions - he just allows his guests to run through their rehearsed lines. Letterman is better, because he can rip them to pieces. And that is also why I like Conan - there are no softball questions from him. Plus: Triumph and the Masturbating bear, who are hilarious. The danger of giving Conan the 11.35 NBC slot is that they will [I believe] try to neuter him, and Conan won't be the same any more. But what price the Tonight Show? PS: I'd rather watch Jon Stewart than any of these guys today.

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