Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nothing - just nothing
In the recent past bloggers have got considerable fame and prominence by reporting from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Well today is my turn. Don't jump the guns. I am not well known or well read enuff to be given admission to any venue of importance to blog - however I am currently an idle volunteer in the ongoing IEEE Cluster 2004 Conference in San Diego (wow I can sense the excitement in the eyes of everyone reading :) ). So imagine this to be the highlight of this blog - blah! They have free breakfast (which I am not using) and free lunch (which I might use) and a free bag for all the people registered (I have way too many bags). Moreover, I got lost while trying to reach this place, was told that I am not needed once I arrived here (that's not too bad a thing) and have nothing to do right now. Boy! IS wireless access to the Internet a good thing? My only way to combat boredom now. Yanyway! This is your reporter Sagnik Nandy, signing off!

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