Friday, September 10, 2004

I just returned after watching a play called Andrews `94. The last time I watched a play in this city was almost ten years back when Bijoya and Bhavin apparently locked lips on-stage. The good thing about tonight’s play was that most of the cast members were in their early twenties and you could feel the energy and enthusiasm in the ambience. The play was touted as the first play that used digital sets (they had a screen which was used to project images and animation). The attempt was quite novel but slightly amateurish. However, I did not mind that. The chaos added a separate charm to the play. The evening also gave me a chance to meet up with an old friend whom I met after almost a decade (he was acting in the play). Ironically, the play itself dealt with (re)union of friends; nothing like a little bit of irony in a creative evening.

I had actually reached the venue half an hour before the play started and got a chance to witness the cast practice. The whole setup made me somewhat nostalgic. It’s nice to see a group infused with energy where the whole ambience inspires you. Just made me realize once again how dull I have become in my post engineering days. Phew!

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