Saturday, September 18, 2004

The review returns !
Aha! Being back in SD means I can once again watch my Friday night movies. Now before I talk about tonight's movie I have to mention that I can recall a zillion instances where I was impressed by the trailer but disappointed by the final film. However, seldom has a movie appeared better than what the trailer projected it to be (I recall the Hindi movie Hera Pheri which for some reason was projected as an action flick but later proved to be a thoroughly delightful comedy). Tonight's movie - Sky captain and the World of Tomorrow is one such rare movie. The trailers didn't look cool at all but the movie pleasantly surprised me.

Before I go into the details of the movie it is important to say a word or two about the director, Kerry Conran. Conran is a non-"filmy" guy who conceptualized his dream on a Mac machine in his house. After years of diligent work he pitched a demo to the studios who gave him a chance to make his dream into a full length motion pic. This should be an inspiration for people who don't have a stronghold in Hollywood but still dream to make celluloid magic some day. Bravo!

Now coming to the movie - it has a very standard story of good guys (and girls) saving the world from the bad guys but boy is the old wine packaged in a really new (or old!) bottle. The movie has a retro 1950s cartoon look and feel. You almost start believing the subdued texture and the story book visual Conran creates. I had complained a few weeks back that movies are no longer capitalizing on the visual strength of the medium and this movie impresses me heavily in that aspect. The movie captures the largeness which is so desired in a sci-fi while keeping the old school look intact. As you can figure out - you have to watch it to believe it. Law and Paltrow's chemistry is heart warming, with the right blend of wit and humor. Add to that the pirate eye-capped Angelina Jolie in a brief role and we are on the way to see a trend of the one eyed beauts (remember Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill). I wish the script had a little more excitement but then I never said this movie is a masterpiece - though it is definitely a highly recommended watch.

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