Wednesday, September 01, 2004

The saasy Affair
Nope - no more lengthy descriptions of homecoming blues. However, as I type this my mother is diligently watching on of the innumerable saas-bahu affairs on television. I truly admire the makers who have made a genre out of philandering husbands, the dedicated wife and the unscrupulous in-laws. Hats off!

Changing topics I shall now give my two cents on the Indian cricket team's dismal streak. The experts have cited several reasons - Dravid's wicket keeping role, absence of Tendulkar, lack of practice etc. Somehow all of them seem to be forgetting a simple alternative possibility - law of averages. The Indian team has defied expectations consistently for the past two years and it is but normal to fair badly every now and then. The over scrutinizing attitude of the non playing honchos baffle me. Nobody seems to question why a nation of one billion gets one medal in the Olympic games and there seems to be no plausible explanation in anyone’s mind but come a few defeats in cricket ad we are out to get the Men in Blues. Hmmm!

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