Friday, September 10, 2004

Some lesser known things about me
I am feeling quite low for a weekend morning. So decided to put up some lesser known (largely insignificant and uninteresting as well) stuff about me. I have absolutely no idea as to how this will help me feel any better though.

1. After 10 years of working with computers I still type with four fingers.

2. I am terrible when it comes to spellings of common words e.g. I still don't know how to spell "commitment", I once got into trouble in school because I seriously got confused as to whether it is "eight" or "eigth"

3. On the same lines I used to find (till very recently) it difficult to pronounce words like equivalent, equivocal, antithesis etc.

4. I am among the very few people who can move their right hand clockwise and left hand anticlockwise simultaneously (Satyajit Ray popularized this game in Jana Aranya). I know Larry can do the same.

5. My mom and dad call me by separate nick names.

6. I used to have a very strong lisping problem and traces of it still remain (if you know me then make me say words which have two consecutive Rs in it)

7. In seventh standard I derived Sridharacharya's formula of solving quadratic equations independently using a totally different method. Sadly, that pretty much remains my most significant mathematical findng :(

8. I don't know the names of many of my first cousins even though I keep meeting them socially

9. The only actor/actress's poster that I ever put up was this gorgeous poster of Kajol when I was in school.

10. I once wrote under the pseudonym of S.N. Andy (which is S. Nandy broken down) for my sister's English elocution because she refused to reveal that I wrote her piece (incidentally she won)

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