Monday, September 20, 2004

Some sleep and a dream
I finally managed to get some sleep in the night but the sleep was punctuated with several breaks - but the sum total was enuff to not make me as tired as I have been in the past few mornings. Let me not blabber too soon. Shall confirm this later in the day.

Early in the morning I had a dream. The dream is not important but what is interesting is the questions it led to in my mind. The dream was basically a conversation between me and another man. However, what was really impressive is the way the other person spoke and the eye to detail in creating this character. If this was a play I would have really liked the direction. I don't know much about dreams but I can't stop to wonder if in multi character dreams I role-play for all the characters. Coz, to be very honest, I don't think if I were to actually write a play with this dream sequence I would have done even half as good a job. I can understand that in ambiance-centric dreams (say lost in a house) its just me and occasional other characters and my thoughts are probably the way I would have reacted to this situation but who controls every action and mannerism of a parallel character in a double hero project like this morning's dream. I am really curious and this is one issue where I have no idea to what the answer is - shall get in touch with my psychologist friend Uma Dam and blog back the findings. Till then (in true inspiring spirit) - dream on!

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