Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ten Things that are annoying me right now ...
1. The fact that I have so much to do and want to do so much but just don't do anything.

2. India lost after putting on an "almost fight" in the ICC tournament.

3. That I could not think of enuff material to finish the original intended post - "Ten things that I find funny !"

4. My laptop doesn't have a Firwire port.

5. My wireless card is behaving strangely on campus.

6. I still haven't met the magical celebrity who'll allow me to make a movie for him/her.

7. I still haven't watched Hero - na this one is actually not that annoying.

7. The fact that I haven't watched Hero and am still not annoyed by it - am I losing my love for cinema? (Don't think that I am just using this to increase the number of points - this is still number 7).

8. Any mention of Girija. (where the f**k is my dream woman? lady, neither do i see you in my dreams nor do you appear in reality - do you even exist?)

9. That Nileen left Kol, Ronny Dam left Kol and that Abhik and I never cross paths in Kol.

10. That inspite of me trying, Pummy is not gonna do the advertising course.

P.S. Apparently Pummy's HOD (Head of the Dept) said - "I am telling you now and I had telled you before ..." - what? Exactly.

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