Saturday, September 18, 2004

What? ... what?
I am so freakin tired right now - I did nothing today - the whole morning was spent in contemplating whether I should sleep off my jet lag or not and finally in the evening my body made the choice simpler by simply dozing off. Some doze it was! Woke up after 3 hours and now I feel completely dazed. I dunno why I am making an entry right now coz I pretty much have nothing to say - it's just that the other alternatives include (a) going to the gym - which I don't have the strength to (b) sit down with my books - which I don't have the motivation for and (c) go to the microwave to get the cornflakes - somehow I am too bogged down to even get that done. That implies that I shall ramble on a little more.

The morning resulted in a lot of communication - two one hr e-chats with Vikram (who makes delightful conversations) and Swati. This was followed by three hours of telephonic conversations with a happy Modi, a concerned Uma, angry Haimanti and the proverbial Dam.

I will also have to harness adequate enthusiasm and strength to call up home in some time and thereafter try to reason (followed by argument) with my folks about my sister's career options. On one hand my entire family wants her to continue with her MA in "South and South East Asian Studies" while the lone me and the secretive Pummy would much rather have her shift fields to do the advertising course she has managed to get into too. Now, I am completely against my sister doing something just because my aunts and uncles and parents can rave about it - sadly, Pummy is too good a girl to disappoint my doting folks. So moi shall try hard to infuse some zeal in her and make her break the norms - I am aware that my efforts will be futile but rather make it than ponder upon it.

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