Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Well, Ronny Dam and I have been having an ongoing battle of sorts. He started the whole thing by scandalizing my Nedstat counter with obscene search queries and to top it all, he keeps adding a new entry every day. All these queries effectively involve me romantically (?) with Parnab Mukherjee and the surprising thing is that there are other people who have started making similar queries - hmm! So this morning I created a new email account with Mr. Dam's name (the id is believable enough to pass on as his) and then sent out a mail to all our common friends informing them about the change in his email id. The mail also talks about Damu's marriage plans this December. The thing worked because people mailed back asking for details of the marriage. On the other hand - the account has already started receiving junk fwds - a thing Ranajit Dam is famous for. The whole incident just shows that both Dam and I have too much time to spend on amusements like this (that’s not necessarily a bad thing). However, one thing’s certain - this battle has just begun.

achha, confession. some of those searches were me :-) just for the heck of it. heh heh.
and some were me,
the cat of mystery,
Putu in Boots.
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