Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Another sign of growing up
Another reason why things around me make me realize we're changing - this weekend I am supposed to jointly throw a bachelor party for a friend of mine who is tying the knot. Surprisingly, it's not the marriage that prompted the title of this post - my eligible buddies have been submitting their bachelorhood for the last three years (oops! the continuous tense almost makes it sound like one guy has been repeatedly doing it) BUT it is the thought of throwing the party that scares me. I want to do the bash sans strippers; coz I'm mighty sure that I'll be so embarrassed in front of her that she'll put her clothes back on and leave the profession for good (and I don't want to be a professional hazard for her). All the other ideas have met with adverse reactions - buy him a gift (we'll anyway do that for the marriage), cook him a meal (yeah! sure - why do you think he is marrying) or get him drunk (he won't even remember what we did for him then). For the last 8 years whenever any friend of mine did anything remotely noteworthy, the rejoicement was simple - we picked him up and kicked the shit out of his butt (a term affectionately called bumps) and then made "the guy" treat us. Suddenly I realize that bumps are no longer an effective way of expressing love and joy - my friend is getting married and we can't bump him, his wife will get pregnant we can't bump her, they will have twins and can't bump them. Nooooooo! The bumping thing will not work anymore - alas! we are growing old.

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