Saturday, October 16, 2004

The bad poet - said go do it
I'm still thinking abt last night's movie. One of the central characters in the film writes lousy poems to express himself but does it with complete seriousness and conviction (there's a scene where he writes a poem for a rock - saying "You rock Mr. Rock"). Reminds me of a short film two girls made for the film class last qtr where they played meaningless rants in the background but didn't reveal that to the people and it took all of us a while before we figured out that they were purposely playing crap. I figured it's a human tendency to give some amount of credit to anything that confuses us and that's a nice thing (no wonder they say if you can't convince then confuse).

Well, all this made me search for "bad poetry" on Google, only to figure out that there are tonsa people who collect it. The best (or is it worst?) set that I found in the little reading I did was this page. It's actually quite an interesting read.

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