Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A bit of bitterness
Am I one of the only few who still enjoys and appreciates sarcasm, if mixed with a dose of wit and humor? We have a tendency of typecasting the sardonic ones as arrogant but they are often the ones who manage to convey the point best. In my opinion "there is nothing bitter about being caustic". Good sarcasm should be such that had you not been in the receiving end you would have surely enjoyed the situation.

All this coz I've started to quite enjoy the Dennis Miller Show and though I don't support Miller's highly extremist stand on several issues, one can't deny that the guy is pretty darn witty. The best thing abt Miller is his verbose approach to humor, which almost makes you believe that he is being profound even if you don't get the jokes.

Well, But yes - "wit" is the key word - sarcasm without wit is reduced to the rants of a dithering imbecile. Take my downstair neighbor (yet another Indian techie). The guy drops by every now and then to shout at Subs and Sid, claiming that they are making a noise. Now I know Subs and Sid and the reason others don't is coz they are so quiet that people don't even hear them. The two barely walk and almost never talk - so the allegations are ludicrous. Back to sarcasm - Mr. Neighbor pays us his monthly visit and this time I open the door.

"Are you guys dancing in your room coz I have to use ear plugs."

No, the funniest thing abt this sentence wasn't the accent in which he said it but the fact that he thought he was funny and waited for a good thirty seconds, bathing in self glory, to see a mark of servitude on my face. Thankfully, the room in question was empty at that time and I had to graciously invite him to come and help me find the "invisible dancers"; an offer he declined and left. Blah!

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