Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The blogger's question
Almost all the blogs I read, at some point have tried to answer the question - "Why do I blog?". I guess at some level many of us are scared of sounding like ego maniacs, chronicling often our most mundane inner thoughts and actions for the world to read; and hence the justification is needed. I tried answering this question in my second or third ever blog post, saying - I want to be heard. Somehow that sounds cheesy and partially untrue right now (though I still like to be heard and get feedback from people). One of the biggest reasons for me to blog now is that at some level it brings a constancy in my otherwise unscheduled being. I have rarely done anything for more than a while, specially if it required any kind of daily effort and blogging seems to discipline me. The fact that I try to post one or two entries every day helps me to be a tiny winy bit more organized and I like that.

The other major reason for blogging is that I frankly don't have too many people to talk to in San Diego. My blog entries are often things that I'd love to share with people but ... blah blah blah ... a lot of cribbing. So I started taking an escapist route - put it on a blog for people to see, hoping someone will get my view point and more than often I am surprised that some people do. Now, as I write, I realize that it's almost like putting a message in a bottle and releasing it in a large ocean.

Finally, a once great friend from my high school days told me that I take things way too seriously and don't do things just for the heck of it - this whole entry somehow makes me realize that she was indeed right.

You have got a great blog out here. Mostly its hilarious, down to earth and titillating. But I am pondering whether all guys are this, like "thinking.. talking about girls" all the time.
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