Monday, October 18, 2004

The business of love
A very interesting exercise from my business class. We were asked to use marketing techniques to draw analogues between selling a new product and wooing a woman. The following is my write up - based on the four Ps of marketing.

Product: Analyze what we are trying to sell - obviously the answer is "ourselves" but then what parts of ourselves are we willing to commoditize - looks, money, emotional support, personality, sense of humor, knowledge etc.

Placement: Where do we want to market ourselves - what's the area of product placement - pubs, clubs, online matchmaking sites, university classrooms, internet chatrooms.

Promotion: How are we going to promote ourselves? What will appeal to the women? Dress well, compliment her, use market research (find out from her friends what she likes and why she broke up with her exes), innovative ad placement (paint her name on a hoarding outside her house), provide good customer support (find out periodically what she needs in you) etc.

Pricing: Aha! Unlike business, here you don't have fixed transaction units - so define what you are willing to sell and what she can pay you with and do the trade offs. Things which you would associate a price with - time, energy, effort, sleep, actual money and doing homework for her; and the transaction units you can expect in return - good conversations, sex, companionship, emotional support, social show piece.

P.S. These points do not reflect my personal view in anyway - or do they :)

Mate, I thought i was the one who was studying abt 'Business'..but then the 'doctor' seems to have beaten the 'manager' hollow on this one :-) Good one..really!!
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