Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Comic relief
I am neck deep in work right now - then why am I blogging? Coz I've been working like a crazy dog for the past 2 hrs and need some relaxation. So I tried to find out something abt my childhood love (as a matter of fact I still love it) - Archie comics. My class teacher in standard five, the amazing Mr. Baretto, used to say that "No child should grow up without reading Archies" - how true. Incidentally, Mr. Baretto also claimed that the easiest way to destroy one's command over English is to read Chacha Chowdhury (which I read too). Yanways, check out this site that I found. The site has a fairly decent collection of Archie strips online - and is my latest source of online relaxation.

P.S. My favorite Archie trivia (coz it has been asked in tons of quizzes) is - what is Mr. Weatherbee's first name?

Waldo will do!!
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