Friday, October 29, 2004

The Great Indian Myth
Well well! Let's do the Indian cricket team's reality check - what kind of idiots loose a test match so dismally on their home ground? No seriously! We have been kings of making tracks which have aided obscure spinners and created temporary heroes out of them till they played on foreign soil and succumbed to early retirements - Narendra Hirwani, Rajesh Chauhan, Venkathpati Raju - the names of Indian spinners who have temporarily fooled us to believe that the great Indian spinning tradition has been revived have all done brilliantly on the Indian cattle (oops battle) grounds. But no - for a team equipped with the likes of McGrath and Gillespie - we had to make a green pitch. I have been told that their has been internal politics (the whole Sharad Pawar vs Dalmiya issue) that played in - good - now we shall pay for bureaucratic battles by sacrificing the only sporting pride we have left (sorry we are still the World leaders in khoko and carrom).

But why just blame the groundsmen? Look at the great Indian batting line up. The top 6 batsmen accumulated 200 runs in the two innings - that's a meager average of 16 runs per innings for a team which boasts of the World's best batting line ups. Anyway, I am just irked coz like most Indians I believe that till other countries make a foray into cricket (trust me the day USA and China sees enough glamour in cricket they will kick ass) it's all the glory we have and I hate to see mincemeat being made out of that pride.

Aww, pshaw. It's a just a game, and one you had no part in anway. It's regretable that 'our' team didnt make a better showing, but there are more important things you know.

Why do people feel they need to define themselves, their joys and sorrows, by the fortunes of a sports team? Is it because subconciously they realise it does not materially affect them in any way, and so they can make an emotional investment without any real repercussions?
Yup agreed! Specially the part abt me defining my reactions based completely on the merit of others but I guess its a childhood thing that is ingrained and I have stopped questioning. Also probably it is like a good suspese story where I feel good if after the tension the book has a nice ending. What to do? A grad student has to make false excitements to keep himself busy/happy :)
in obsessive editing phase, so...
loos = toilets. beckhams mistresses
lose = opposite of win. or find.
loose = opposite of tight.
My apologies - I guess I took my spell checking too loosely :)
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