Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Had to post this
Nope! Even though I am sleepy this one deserves a quick mention. Just got a phone call and the person on the other end greeted me with a courteous "Accha Sagnik achey?" (for all the non Bengalis, this means "Is Sagnik there?"). Obviously, my name and the Bengali prompted me to say yes and bingo - the telemarketer pounced upon me and wanted me to but another long distance service. The guy actually acted as if he knew the whole system was a menace by continuously saying "Yes yes I understand that you don't need a long distance provider but ... blah blah". Somehow, probably because of the Bengali, I couldn't be rude and actually endured the entire conversation. Obviously I didn't buy the service :) but Bubin will be happy to know that I spoke in Bengali for a while today.

I have also decided that the next time he calls up I will sing a song for him and ask him the recipe to rosogolla.

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