Sunday, October 31, 2004

The highly prejudiced bride
After a week of dilly dallying moi finally saw Bride and Prejudice. OK, I have to agree that I saw the Hindi version of the movie, but unless this was a movie that was really Lost in Translation the movie was terrible. The only saving grace was Aishwarya Rai - who was soooo obnoxious that she made the movie look passable in comparison. She had exactly one expression throughout the movie and really hammed her lines (actually Namrata Shirodhkar surprised me with a very controlled performance).The whole movie is a running lecture from Aishwarya to all people Western that India is great. It almost looked like her earlier film Aaa Ab Laut Chaley mixed with a zillion marriage numbers ala Hum Apke Hain Kaun. My personal take is that Mrs. Chadha wanted to make a movie that she assumed will combine the best of the both sides of Showbiz but somehow lost track of her goals in the middle of the movie. I guess I shall remain prejudiced again this flick.

I badly wanna watch a good Indian movie - I deserve a good one now.

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