Monday, October 18, 2004

It's time to chill
I just put my sweat shirt in the washer and that means winter has officially arrived. However, I love the San Diego winter - you don't need more than a sweat shirt. Similarly, I love the San Diego summer - you just have to take off the sweat shirt you were wearing in winter. Just thinking about my undergraduate days scares me. For those unaware - I did my undergrads in a desert with sweltering summers and freezing winters. The seasonal dichotomy always plagued us - in summer we thought winter was better since one could cover themselves in a deluge of clothes but then winter made us feel - "aha, at least in summer you can just wear a T shirt, how bad can it be?". To make matters more interesting the university had solar heaters - which I feel was a highly amusing innovation for the climate we had. The most chilling days of winter were the ones without sunshine - implying freezing water while the hot summer days would often greet us with burning water from the taps.

While on seasons - it's raining now in SD (it rains for appx three days a year here) and I am loving it. The monsoons have something very soothing abt them - the patter of the rain creates an amazing visual and auditory effect. Add to that the sound of the wind, minutes before the rain, and it's all so poetic. I remember that in school rainy days used to be great fun since very few people would come and the teachers would do all sorts of exciting things to keep us happy. That, however, changed since most students who missed out on the fun wanted to be a part of it and started braving the downpours. So, with time, we always had enuff people to hold proper classes.

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