Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Anil "Jumbo" Kumble claimed his 400th test wicket yesterday. Kudos to the guy, who I admire largely for the attitude and dedication he has shown towards the game. He also achieved this distinction in the third least number of tests (after Muralitharan and Hadlee). However, a small thought - many sources have started giving statistics stating Kapil Dev took 115 tests to acieve the same landmark and being a huge fan of the Haryana legend, I wanna defend him. Kumble's biggest aid was Kapil's biggest limitation - that both played most of their matches on Indian soil - well known for its lack of anything for seamers and an absolute delight for any spinner. Reminds me of this statement Sobers (I think) made abt Gavaskar, stating that the Little Master's runs had more value since he never got to face the Indian bowling attack.

Cricket analysts would soon lose their job!!;-)
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