Saturday, October 30, 2004

Read this article. Nope! We definitely have to do something radical to infuse logic and sense back into Indian politics. Just imagine this - an ad that showed a North Indian milkman is under criticism because it apparently alludes to the idea that the man might be a thief. OK! Agreed that India doesn't exactly support free speech and creative freedom (I remember they banned a soap ad in Kolkata coz it gave the impression that the girl was naked even though they only showed till her shoulder) but coming up with ridiculous accusations like this is insane. That too this comes from a political party - I have said this before and shall say it again - does India really have a dearth of topics to concentrate on? If not anything, poverty and education alone should keep us busy for more than a while - North Indian milkmen should be our focus maybe after everyone in the country can afford milk. Seriously.

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