Friday, October 15, 2004

Morning Musings
Well, as part of my morning read, I scanned through a bunch of news sites and the most amusing read was a collection of memorable Oscar Wilde quotes found here. Wilde is probably one of the most quoted men from literature (Bernard Shaw is obviously a close competitor and Shakespeare is classic). I remember that in my high school days we had a set of quizzing rules - (i) if it's a smart quote and you don't know who made it, say Oscar Wilde; (ii) when in doubt abt any question say Benjamin Franklin (we actually answered something using this one); (iii) if it's a Bonik quiz (ah! I don't even wanna get started on Bonik) say Vietnam for anything you don't know and (iv) if the question has anything to do with painting and artists and you are baffled, Salvador Dali is the way to go.

That aside - the weekend has started and I want to mix work and play for this one - on the work front I have to solve some practice problems and get some coding done while on the "play part" my agenda is to watch at least 2 of these three movies - I Heart Huckabees, Team America and Bride and Prejudice. Lesse!

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