Thursday, October 28, 2004

How short can a play be to qualify for a staging? Here's a short play - that too a romantic one. That too a bad one.

(Busy road! Boy and girl waiting for transportation)

Boy: Hi, there! Are you single?
Girl: You talking to me?
Boy: Taxi Driver.
Girl: What?
Boy: "You talkin to me", De Niro, Scorsese, Jodie Foster - Taxi Driver.
Taxi Driver: You talking to me?
Boy: What?
Taxi Driver: You said Taxi Driver.
Boy: I meant the movie.
Taxi Driver: What? Do you or don't you want this taxi?
Girl: I do!
Boy (holding the girl's hand): I do too! Now we are like married!
Girl: Sorry I need to take this cab. I have no choice but to terminate our budding romance.
(Girl leaves in the cab)
Boy: She aint no Terminator - she dint even say "I'll be back."

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