Sunday, October 24, 2004

Reality Bits and Bytes
I think I have mentioned this before but it came up again. Rakesh (who is one of the greatest sports enthusiasts I know) was telling me about Curt Schilling and how it's such an inspirational story. Just reminded both of us that as computer engineers we'll never be the central character to any story that is dramatic unless the story goes (imagine a strong Indian accent to enhance the taste of the dish):

"You know what happened last night? The code was not working. Nobody knew what to do. We were sure that even this project will be taken back from us. Then Rakesh came in - he sat for 2 hrs and finished the code - no errors and wonderfully commented. He is such a dude you see!"

Na, compare the drama - on one hand we have blood, pain and millions of fans and TV coverage and on the other hand there is C, Java, SQL and your project team. You decide!

Obviously I am exaggerating things - but the premise still hold true. The way out has to be the Reality television show on computer engineers - two Indian guys, one Indian girl, two American guys (one with a lip piercing) and a blonde girl, three Chinese (two guys and a girl who has a crush on the guy with the piercing) - all put in a house and made to choose a programming language of their choice. Then let us eliminate one of these programmers every week based on the standard of their coding, efficiency and commenting :) Then let's see which profession gets the kick a** label.

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