Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Reunited we stand
Spoke to Shoumi after a veryyyy loooooong time. Shoumi is a friend of mine from Pilani and is a very talented and interesting lady. We spoke on several topics; all circumventing the common issue of professional dissatisfaction. The most interesting part of the conversation was our discussion on Pilani's customary 25 years alumni reunion. I guess every college has it - some after ten years, some after fifteen while others like ours wait for a quarter of a century before we get down to business.

I feel if they have a reunion it should be every four years - like the Olympics. Why do we need a reunion after twenty five years? What are the chances that people I dint keep in touch with for that long will even care abt meeting me then? We'll be in our late forties and it'll be too late to build new ties and too early to hook up our kids with each other. The successful ones will talk abt their achievements while people like me will stand and well ... just stand. If I find a woman naive enuff to fall for me by then, I'll show her the rooms I stayed in and maybe make up imaginary tales of late night activities to impress my kids (yeah! I have to make up - the tale of I ate a samosa one night wont excite the then gen X too much I believe).

On the other hand if they have a reunion every four years it'll be so cool. We can check out the ones who've done well for themselves and get inspired and maybe even butter them up for a favor :) The fleeting number of singles can hook up together just to ensure that they aren't a minority the next time around and the sound of one of your friend's kids calling you "uncle" can be the ultimate kick on the butt - saying "buddy you better start a family now". Seriously! They should have it every four years - anyone listening?

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