Friday, October 15, 2004

Overheard this conversation in the bus (yeah yeah eavesdropping is bad but it is difficult to not listen when people are loud) where this cute girl (yeah yeah leching is bad but is difficult to miss her when she is that cute) was telling her friend that one of her pet peeves is the sound of people rubbing their ears. No comments on that coz I have no idea if rubbing ones ear makes a sound but here are some sounds that irk me most:

1. The standard "anything sharp against a black board".

2. The alarm clock sound that instead of going the loud crrrrrrrrrrrrinngggg does a periodic ringing (people who have used small alarm clocks no what I am talking abt). On the issue of alarm clocks, my neighbor in my undergrad hostel had a voice alarm clock that was extremely well mannered - it would say "Wake up please, it's six o' clock, wake up please ...". It was very effective coz if the guy dint wake up soon enuff I would wake up and wake him up.

3. People reading in a hush hush tone - I have no problems if people are reading/singing/talking aloud but when you almost hear a murmur - there's something very disturbing abt it.

4. My sis has a nasal tone for the first ten minutes after she wakes up - according to her, she takes time to adjust her voice (I feel that's BS). It's a combination of a kiddish tone and a shrieking tone that simply creates an annoying tone. To be fair, a lot of people have told me that my "agitated whining tone" is very annoying as well - my sincere apologies to those who have heard it.

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