Monday, October 25, 2004

I am absolutely tired right now. Just to put things in perspective - slept for 4 hrs last night and then studied for an hr before heading to college for a 2 hr discussion session between 11.30-1.30.
1.30-2.00 lunch.
2.00-3.00 meeting with advisors.
3.00-5.00 work on project.
5.00-6.00 group discussion for business class.
6.00-9.00 business class.
10 - reached home.
10.11 - blogging. tired. sleepy. hungry.
8.00 am in the morning - mid term.

You can imagine how tired I am. To make matters worse Ranajit shocked me with the news that he might be leaving for India this weekend courtesy a Visa issue. Ronny is definitely one of my best friends and among the very few people with whom I can talk on and on and on ... and above all one of the only few who understands and shares my frustrations. I just hope tomorrow is a brighter day - for all of us.

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