Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Truly crappy
Apologies galore for bringing up something so full of sh!t early in the morning but I found this piece of info thoroughly amusing. Pummy's univ has a toilet allocated for each dept that is locked under normal conditions (nothing strange). To visit the house of crap one has to go to the dept. office and get the keys (nothing strange). On entering the toilet the user is supposed to lock it from inside (still nothing strange) and then lock it back and return the keys on finishing whatever sh!t they had to do with it (and still the protocol looks fine). Now the amusing part - apparently the toilet is huge inside (multi cubicled) and not a single-user space as one would have expected. However, given the lock and key protocol described above, there is no way that more than one person can visit it at once. Also, it's not the case that the toilet was built earlier and the rule enforced now - the whole building and dept was launched recently. All this made Pummy conjecture that the best way to use this facility is to have a "picnic protocol"; where a group of friends decide on a common time to go ... I shall spare the detail - but I found the whole protocol thoroughly amusing :)

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