Saturday, October 09, 2004

Weekend starts
Well, I have pretty much nothing to talk about - just got done with a paper deadline last evening and that added a fair amount of drama - we had to make some typing changes 15 minutes before the deadline of 5 pm Pacific Time. So as the UCSD clock chimed (or gonged) its way to 5 we pressed the submit button for the paper - seriously, it was that dramatic. Sadly, the UCSD clock was off synch with the conference clock and they refused to accept the paper. However, my darling advisors took up the case with the concerned people and the situation was resolved - and you thought we PhD students don't hang in on the line - huh!

I missed another Friday night movie; this time for a whole bunch of reasons that I shall not bore ppl with - so I landed up renting one of the obscure editions of the National Lampoon's series (Dorm Daze) on Digital Cable - the movie was abt a series of mistaken identities and could have bee much more enjoyable had it not been so confusing.

Also had this argument (I shall call it a rational discourse) with Dipu on why I felt that success in engineering was not as well defined as other fields - an event I shall spare ppl from knowing and getting bored about. All in all - I can sense a boring weekend ahead - but that's OK - lesse.

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