Friday, October 29, 2004

Worth the admiration
Alok and I just came back from the beach and it was undoubtedly the most adventurous afternoon this year for me. It was tiring but awesome fun but that shall be discussed later. This post is about a gentleman we met in the beach.

Sixty seven years old, diminutive stature, a memory that age hasn't withered and abundance of zest - too bad we dint ask him his name. The man of Polish origin chatted with us for 30 mins and I can't deny the initial apprehension I had abt whether all his claims were valid. However, the moment he touched the topic of India you could make out that this man was every cent the bundle of adventure he claimed to be. He could recall vivid details of India which were of the likes that you would relish thoroughly because you have experienced them yourself. The man spoke several languages (including Hindi and Sanskrit), represented US in the Winter Olympics and had traveled almost half the World. Moreover he possessed a candor that was really endearing. Example:

"I loved India - then the govt robbed my dad of his business. I dint like India thereafter."

Both Alok and I agreed that the encounter was thoroughly enjoyable and that this man led a life worth admiring.

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