Thursday, October 14, 2004

Yeah sure
TOI (who else) has this article covering an Indian web site that is supposed to be a matchmaking service for dogs (yup! the market was ripe for this venture it seems). This is the URL of the site, according to TOI, and well - I visited it! Now the funny thing is that I think the guy who designed the site ripped it from some existing matchmaking site without realizing that things are different with the canine group. Check out the search section where the age limit starts from 18 - now I don't know much abt dogs but I do know that if a dog is 18 - it doesn't exactly have marriage in its mind. The other interesting thing is that even TOI claims the service is specially targeted for Indian dogs, if you check the drop down of available countries - the one country that's missing is - India!

Wow! Or shall I say Bow wow!

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