Monday, October 04, 2004

You should do this
Well, my class is making me do a lot of reading on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test. Normally many of these things (like E-mode's IQ test) are quite farcical in nature and I don't quite believe much in them but this test is really impressive (or so I believe). The test basically helps you understand what your personality is and enables you to choose better careers and deal with things better on a professional level. For those of you who have 5-10 minutes to spare, try out the test and the analysis out here.

On a personal note I am an ENTP and the analysis suggests that some of the careers I should (have) opt for are the following. People who know me well enuf know how I have dreamt of being quite a few of these things (some of these dreams still exist). That's what makes the test impressive. However, an ENTP also gets bored of doing the same thing - which explains my oft changing goals. Bottom line - you should try the test.

P.S. In case you do take the test after reading this, consider the test is even better - coz one of the career options for me is a motivational speaker :)

the interesting thing is .. ur MB type changes with time :) at least it did with me. it changed from a INFP to a ENTJ, if i remember correctly, in the space of a couple of years
yup - as a matter of fact i know quite a few ppl whose work culture changed the people they are/were. also i know of people who have differet MBTI preferences based on work environment and personal life. pretty cool thing.
hey, im an entp too.
i specially enjoyed the how to love an entp section..turns out i love myself in all the right ways.
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