Monday, November 29, 2004

Association part I
One of my professors mentioned that if you take a subject that you had been taught 5 years back and taught only those parts of it that you still remember you can probably be taught that in less than 30 mins. I thought abt it and there just might be some truth to the whole thing. So this is going to be a two part post where I'll try to recall things I remember from various subjects that I studied quite some time back. An easy way to evaluate my status will be to actually look at my chances of scoring in a class test on one of these subjects. Here it goes:

High school geography
I'll be happy if I score more than 10 on 100 in a test right now. I remember I was pretty good at contour maps but I doubt if I'll be able to do any of that stuff now. The only place where I might be able to score something is probably map pointing. Na! There is nothing from geography that I remember properly now except that I once actually got this question in a test - "The rain in Spain stays mostly in the plain. Explain." (In case you are wondering there was some major funda on why it happens that way.)

High school history
Once again moi shall struggle to cross the double digit mark. However, I do remember quite a lot of historical facts and trivia (I remember that Harshavardhan's father's name was Prabhakarvardhan and that Gandhiji walked a little more than 240 miles in the Dandi March) - it's just that exams normally comprised of long answers which I have no idea abt now. I also remember there were some short questions we used to get but a lot of those required remembering dates and I haven't dated in a long time. Also, my chances of scoring in Indian history are much higher than my chances of getting something right in World Hisotry or Indian Civics.

Aaaaaa! One more sucker for me. Chemistry always meant studying in the last moment and then hoping for the best. I can probably solve some of the problems of Physical Chemistry and maybe a few stray things from Inorganic Chemistry but give me Organic Chemistry and I'm quite sure that I'll get a zero. Stray words come to mind - methane, ethane, ethyne etc. etc. and of course - every student's source of mirth - methyl alcohol. Man! For a student of science I am appalled at my lack of knowledge on chemistry :(

Lest you think I have forgotten everything - lemme end this post with Maths. I actually remember and use a fair amount of the Math I learnt (I was surprised to find out recently that I needed 3-D co-ordinate geometry for my work). My sis gave me some of her Integration stuff (modesty apart I was quite the dude with Calculus) and I could do it quite easily. However, I have forgotten Determinants and need to brush up my knowledge of Vectors as well.

Bottomline - My knowledge of high school history, geography and chemistry can be taught to me now in a combined two hour lecture. Don't know how to react to that!

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