Wednesday, November 10, 2004

A brief encounter
Had one of those short conversations in the Post Office. Why am I blogging abt it? Well, to be honest, coz nothing else comes to mind right now. Back to the short conversation:

It was one of those conversations where both parties accidentally exchange a few glances to start with and then wonder if a social conversation is at all warranted. Then the eyes meet an uneasy third time and you decide that it's time to smile. You look at the queue and realize that it's gonna be a while and now that you've smiled at each other one of you makes the first move. Normally a good starting topic is the length of the queue itself and your apparent hurry. This time however, the gentleman started the conversation with the line, "I forget very easily, specially when it comes to money". We then spoke a little about how he surprises himself every now and then by finding unclaimed money and how his wife hates that but can't say much given that she is more forgetful. I added in a similar anecdote I had heard abt John McEnroe and was surprised to see that he din't know who McEnroe is - or maybe he did but just forgot abt it :)

It was time to say goodbye when he said, "You know who you look like?". I nodded a negative nod and he said, "... that Indian chap". Sure, that came as a surprise to me. "No, that director chap, Knight Shyamalan." Wow! That was indeed a surprise - not coz he thought I resembled Shyamalan (which I definitely don't but also understand that being an American he has probably not seen too many Indians he can name other than Shyamalan, "that guy in that Van Wilder movie" or Gandhi - and of the three I do resemble Shyamalan the most :)) but because this guy din't know who McEnroe is but knew abt Shyamalan - I guess he followed the Signs

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