Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Business Class Realization No. (well I have lost count)
My weekly borrowed wisdom from the business class. Apparently when we ask a favor from someone they are largely in the following three categories - money, time and creativity. The reluctance to offer the favor increases in the same sequence i.e. people are more likely to give you their money to get rid off you than invest their creative energies on you. The professor also mentioned that it's often a healthy practice to ask for favors as it allows the favor provider to ask back a favor from you, aiding the process of building better personal relationships (?)

Combining the two pieces of info, I have decided that I am going to ask all you noble souls to give me your money. Any takers?

Also I infer, using the above logic, that bank tellers would rather have you rob their bank than spend time in answering stupid questions. "Favor"able?

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