Sunday, November 21, 2004

Business plan for the calling card companies
I think I have finally struck gold - OK maybe not gold but at least bronze - OK let's compromise some metal of more than zero value. I feel that the Indian calling card companies should start sending random emails to Indian girls saying that their boyfriend's are having illicit affairs here in US. For those without bfs here - it's OK but given that every Tom and Harry from India is in US and Dick's trying hard too, there is a fair chance of getting a few of these mails on target. That's it - ruckus will break free and the poor (literally) bf will have to make incessant calls to appease his lady love. To support my conjecture you should just take a look at my room mate X. Every time X has a love dripping conversation they are short and honey dripping sweet BUT come the day when the love birds are squabbling - there has to be a call to initiate a fight, the one to give reasons for disharmony, the one to apologize, the next one to apologize, the one to wake her up to apologize and piss her off even further, the one to apologize, the one where the apology is accepted and then the sweet goodbye and honey dripping good night kiss - point proven. So all you calling card companies - you know what to do.

You have a winner ! :))

X reminds me of someone we both knew at pilani :D ... the bond.

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