Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Finally a good career option
Abhik and I were talking this morning (he is in IIM A) and were cribbing abt our respective careers and boasting abt the number of people we've managed to convince to take routes other than the ones we followed. That's when it struck us that it will be really cool if we becmme professional "de-motivational speakers". There is a abundance of the likes of Shiv Khera and Arindam Chowdhury who make millions by inspiring the corporate sectors. We can do the complete opposite. After listening to us people will leave their jobs and turn idle. Large organizations will hire us to talk to their teams in order to avoid the pains of laying off (yes, they land up paying a fortune to make lay offs smooth). Instead we will come and talk to the teams and the next morning there'll be a heap of resignation letters adorning the table. Simple idea and untouched market - boy, we should be doing this.

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