Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Getting busy-ness real
Well, FOX is out with The Rebel Billionaire and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss. These, along with the ongoing Apprentice and Mark Cuban's not so successful Benefactor, will probably catapult "wanna be businessmen" as the second largest reality TV favorite after "date seekers". While Rebel Billionaire brings to TV the enigmatic Richard Branson, "My Big Fat ..." is another hoax that truly lives up to its obnoxious status. Sanjay made me watch an episode of this one and it amazed me to see how a bunch of so called Ivy League graduates were so gullible. My only interest now in this area now is to see if Branson can also reach Trumpish status, coz after all this guy has elan.

Keeping up with my references to old quiz questions related to my posts, these two come to mind:

1. What is Branson's autobiography called? Answer: Losing my Virginity (see a li'll sense of humor is always nice).
2. Which is the only product of the Virgin group that doesn't have the Virgin label on it? Answer: Condoms (for obvious reasons).

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