Friday, November 26, 2004

Going going gone
"He shopped like a man till they thought he was queer,
He shopped like a lady till no man came near,
He shopped with the zest of a toy buying child,
He shopped, he shopped, he shopped going wild ..."

Didn't blog for more than a day and the above four lines pretty much sum up why. The "post-Thanksgiving Day Sale" bug bit me deep and I spent the whole of last night and this morning and bits of the afternoon indulging in this guilty pleasure. We went and stood outside Best Buy at 12.30 am (and lest you think we were mad, we weren't even among the first 20 arrivers) and spent the whole night frolicking outside the store. Incidentally, this included an hour of hand cricket that created a "Lagaan"ish feel outside the shop. The writer of this blog displayed impeccable defense and style with his batting and provided amusement to all and sundry with his orthodox fielding - digressing.

Bought myself a Digital Camcorder, a new (and hopefully functional) telephone for the house and some tapes for the camcorder. Followed this with some shopping for my sister. Have to thank Preeti for accompanying me coz I figured out that it is impossible for a straight guy to buy anything on a day of a sale in a women's shop. I was thoroughly amused to see myself make statements like "Na, not that color, it's not good for the evening" or "... no that hand bag is too seventies". Thankfully, women's clothing turned out to be quite expensive, making me shift tracks pretty soon. So I went in search of the elusive watch I was searching for. Located it. Admired it. Bought it. Admired it. That's more shopping than I can handle for the next few months.

(Haa haa - bet you never thought I will have an entry on my shopping experience. Coming up - me and the hair stylist and me and the beauty pageant contest ... muhahahhahah)

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