Monday, November 22, 2004

I often wonder how people who blog regularly and still manage to keep the interest of the readers alive do it and I suddenly realized that my dad does a pretty good job of it too. Bubin mails me every day and tries not to make them the standard father-son stuff. His mails are always amusing and look at things in a somewhat different, twisted and humorous fashion.

Take this morning's mail for example. Bubin mentioned Orlando Pita to me - I had no clue who he was and found out that the man is one of the highest paid hair stylists (Bubin addressed him as a barber) and charges in the range of $10/minute :O The rest of the mail is abt Bubin comparing his career (I was passed the engineering baton by my dad) to that of Pita - how he could have easily learned the trick from his "nai" (local barber) and how the barber he currently visits is unaware of his untapped potential. Sadly, the mail was in Bengali and I can't reproduce it BUT the bottomline is that I was thoroughly entertained by it (like all his other mails).

I think I know Bubin's strength - he just keeps his eyes open and sees a little more into whatever he is looking at. Thanks, Mr. Nandy!

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