Sunday, November 21, 2004

It's 4 in the morning and I'm wide awake and going through bouts of extreme laziness. I've been thinking of switching on the TV for the past 30 mins and the only excuse that I'm using to shun the thought is that "why switch on the TV when I am going to sleep in some time?". Ahem!

Have you ever felt so comfortable in an awkward body position that you don't want to change it lest it makes you aware of the awkwardness you were in, thereby causing you discomfort? It used to happen to me very often during my Delhi-Pilani trips. I used to create a small uncomfortable but static sleeping position between a zillion smoking Haryanvi's and stick to that position till the bus came to a halt - any change in between led to a domino effect where all these zillion people and me kept moving till all of us once again arrived at some common zone of tolerable discomfort.

Yanyways, the reason for the previous paragraph is because I'm typing in the most awkward positionn and I'm sure that the moment I sit up "I'll feel being not able to feel" my left shoulder - one more reason to not reach for the remote.

awesome!! brought back the memories of that tortuous trip by Haryana roadways..wud give anything in the world to prevent that journey in life again:-) if me or any bitsian for that matter dies of lung cancer some day, u'd know whom allllllllllll to blame:-))
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