Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The known faces
At the cost of over generalizing I conjecture that the following people can always be seen during large presentations:

1. The one guy who always includes the answer to the question he is asking in the question itself - "... so why does that graph look skewed? Is it because the data sets have been amortized over the last sixteen months?"

2. An old gentleman sitting in the corner who always has some archaic experience that adds something to the topic that nobody knows.

Speaker: ... and we faced the worst bear market in early 2001 and ...
Old man by the Sea-T: ha ha ha ... unless you consider the market downfall in 1948 ... ha ha ha ... those were some rought times ... ha ha

3. The lady in your table who always completes sentences even though you'll any way hear the completed sentence in the next one second ... and then she will nod in approval after the speaker does the same.

4. Some crazy ass like me who'll pay more attention to these people than the presentation and come and blog abt it :)

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