Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Love Undone
For the second time in two months I saw a movie that used to be a childhood favorite but somehow disappointed me now. The movies in question are Robocop and Under Siege II. While the former was among the few movies to make it to India in the 80s, the latter was among the first movies I was allowed to go for with friends alone. I guess the movies were more exciting in their times and a lot of their appeal to me was subjective to the times in which I saw them. That's what I love abt Terminator II - even now the movie enthralls me and the technology seems more modern that some of the latest heavy gizmo flicks. Maybe I should just stop re-visiting childhood favs just to keep their awe intact - so no watching Mackenna's Gold, Guns of Navarone, the early James Bond flicks, Rambo, Rocky, Commando and a bunch of other movies that my father allowed me to watch as a kid.

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