Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Lyrical X-pression
I am feeling romantic after a long time (shall definitely spare the details) and shall express my romantic mood in three different lyrical styles - hip hop, boy band and Mariah Carey:

Hip Hop
Yeah! I wanna be your beau and I wanna be your homie
So give me some love girl, come and come and show me

Our myst-er-ee
Comes from our hist-o-ree
You know we had a rocking past

We put the S is the sizzle
And the G in the gizzle
You know we had a ragamuffin blast

So let's end the war and just hit the club
Let our booties do the talkin and shower some love
Forget all the bitchin, forget all the ditch
Coz to save all nine you need just one stitch

Boy Band
Baby babyyy babyyyyy
Why do you say maybeee
(Chorus) why why why?
Baby babyyy babyyyyy
Why do you say maybeee
(Chorus) why why why?

Let's just start afresh girl
Give it one more shot girl
(Chorus) try try try

Lemme walk up to your door
Let's not just fight no more
With flowers in my hand
And the other members of my band
(Chorus) he loves u, he loves u

Mariah Carey
Wohuuuu wahooooo waaaaa
Yeaaaaaa Yeahhhh Wohu wohu yeah
Yeyeah yeaaaaaaaaaa

quite brilliant.
especially the stitch in time saves nine line.
so who is this lucky lady?
every bad poet has a great inspiration - this lady is no different :)
Please give the title of this post like live streaming of any match.
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