Sunday, November 14, 2004

The marriage market
Abhik and I observed this striking similarity between our respective shopping styles and our opinions on marriage. Abhik has decided that he'll settle for an arranged marriage - his mom and dad will find li'll Ms. Perfecto for Mr. Lal and he will tie the knot and keep the girl happy. Moi on the other hand still find the notion of arranged marriage slightly strange. Imagine the girl and me being absolute misfits ... Now when it comes to our shopping patterns - I always buy my own clothes - go to the shops - check out the stuff I like, try them out and then settle for the one I like most. Abhik apparently lets his mom pick his clothes - that saves him time and energy and over the years he has developed a blind faith towards his mom's selection.

Wow! Striking similarities. Thank GOD my mom and dad let me buy my own clothes - I never knew what that was leading to - but now that I know - boy, am I happy :))

... and those who love to get their own clothes but wouldn't mind their parents' choices either. And as if every birthday, the mom waits for her son to get the clothes. And when the son doesn't make up his mind, she finally gets him something he likes :)

Love reading your blog - it's usually Rediff,CNN, Google news and your blog every morning :-)
hey Rathish, I guess my mom will finally shop for me coz in the US there aren't any shops near my house :) On a separate note, I have been reading your blog and find it very enjoyable (if you read my post on blogs today, your blog is the part of the group that has a very personal touch to it). Sadly, your blog doesn't allow me to post a comment (i guess you give restricted access to your comment section) :( Keep blogging.
Really? I have actually allowed anonymous users to comment on the blogs. Anyways, I really don't believe that technology always keeps its word :-) Do keep writing. cheers.
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