Wednesday, November 03, 2004

More on fictional love or the lack of it
Well, the "fictional love" post seemed to give quite a few minds some exercise. Arijit (who is one of my closest friends) suggested a variation, asking me my worst movie characters i.e. people I can't even imagine dating. His included Aishwarya Rai in all her latest movies and Kareena in Fida (I wouldn't mind this one though). Well, I can think of a zillion characters to fit this bill but the ones invoking maximum displeasure will probably be:

1. Cameron Diaz in a movie called the Sweetest Thing (I take immense shame in accepting that "Yes", I have seen this movie as well).
2. Christina Ricci's character in Woody Allen's Anything Else (it's a really vague character).
3. Kareena in her Poo(p) character from K3G.
4. Well, three people mentioned Rachel from F.R.I.E.N.D.S as their possible dates, even though she's not a movie character, and taking that liberty I shall add the brilliant Janice to my least desirable list.
5. All the psychotic characters (even though that includes the highly gorgeous Alicia Sylverstone from Crush) too I guess.

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