Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Music $$$
Well for starters I have to say that the MSN music interface is awesome. For people who have Windows Media Player 10.0, the whole music store is integrated with the player and it's really easy to get started, buy and organize music. I bought my third song in 5 days and figured that the pricing of $0.99 is giving me a false sense of economy which might lead to an addiction. Anyway - having used iTunes in the past I have to agree that this interface kicks serious butt. So try it out if you are interested in buying music.

Talking abt buying music I feel that the companies should allow people to buy songs at a slightly higher price but in return allow them to sell it off. This, in my humble opinion, will increase the overall market as I (and other people) often listen to songs only temporarily and would love to sell them off at a cheaper price later. Obviously there are several issues involved but I just feel that companies should start considering this option too.

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