Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My sole post on the Election
Dear Elections,

I guess you have to leave now. I knew you had to :( but I feel bad that your stay this time was not as long as your last visit. However, I must mention that I did enjoy your company thoroughly. If not for anything else, the entertainment you provided alone was sufficient to make me fall in love with you - the speculations, allegations and counter allegations, partisan media stance, SNL skits, fervent ambiance, ah! you brought a breath of fresh air and a few nasty stinks for all of us. I guess tomorrow onwards evening news will get back to being : "There might be money in your house. Tune in at 10 pm to know how." or "Dog saves another dog by eating up a third dog. Only at 11."

So no matter what the big guys say - I will miss u.



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